How To how to make a paper flower ( paper crafts) DIY valentine flower

DIY how to make a paper flower ( paper crafts) DIY valentine flower

make a paper flower ( tutorial) paper crafts
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supplies wanted for making paper flowers :
1- Three coloured paper sheets

steps of make paper flowers :

1-put the three sheets collectively and take the nook of it and fold it right down to make a triangle then reduce off any remaining bit

2-now you’ve got three sq. paper sheets , you are gonna fold them collectively in half diagonally to kind a triangle

3-take the 2 down corners of the triangle and fold them on every others at 60 levels angle

4-cut throughout the form you’ve got Circularly after which you’ve got three single flower layers

5-snape the primary one within the center , reduce one petal from the second and two petals from the third one

6-use the glow to attach the petals to every layer

7-get any pen or stick and roll the petals of every layer then use the glow to place all of them collectively

you possibly can put this with valentine items and provides it to the one you’re keen on in valentine’s day

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