How To DIY box fan air filter purifier, high performance, one year review

DIY Box DIY box fan air filter purifier, high performance, one year review

In case you have allergic reactions or stay in a metropolis, it’s best to think about constructing considered one of these comparatively cheap excessive efficiency field fan air filters.

See my pinned first remark for different greatest practices/tip/tips and really useful subsequent sources, and touch upon the thread in case you have a suggestion

for the filters used right here
Lasko fan, (appears arduous to search out)

I constructed mine a yr in the past, in about 30 minutes final yr, utilizing one of the best filters I may discover and easy duct tape for development (which must be redone if you substitute the filter).

After a yr of steady operation with no points, and principally not paying any consideration to it, however as spring arrives of late I’ve noticing the air getting stale, and my allergic reactions getting worse, thought it was excessive time to switch the filter, and wow certainly it was, have a look at the crap there, particularly spectacular as now we have hardwood flooring (not carpet) I used to be half tempted to try to do a microscope on the mud but it surely was actually too horrifying, got here off in a poof when placing it within the trash.

It is constructed from
– a heavy obligation Lasko Industrial Fan,
– 3x filtrete 20×20″ filters
– a variac to assist management velocity and quantity, as even on the lowest setting the highly effective fan is WAY too loud/a lot air.

I’ve truly grown very keen on it is white noise era, and helps residing in a busy noisy neighborhood cowl up the vehicles, sirens, canine, helicopters, neighbors and many others.

I attempted a number of issues on the lookout for clear air, this diy method has the benefit that the filters themselves are tremendous simple to search out, commonplace dimension, commodity costs with a variety of choices in what they filter. I had a proprietary filter prior they usually principally stopped making it and the replacements have been retardedly costly, and small. The dimensions of the squirrel fan may under no circumstances conceivably match the quantity of air considered one of these followers may push…or technically pull, which is how this one works.

I selected a field design after utilizing an wind velocity meter to determine what was the least resistance, of 1x flat, 2x in a triangle (tougher to cowl and odd to put) , 3x in a field like proven. It really works fantastic this fashion, doubles as a desk, although I’m switching to a single filter because the field takes up fairly a little bit of area, and would really like area again for different initiatives

Ideally like one thing that works with the ceiling fan, and should strive hacking one thing there, however for now this works fantastic.]NOTE: off grid/prepper sort use. If you’re pondering of utilizing this with a photo voltaic panel throughout pending calamities (e.g. yellowstone caldera) you have to to take MANY particular concerns in powering and coping with volcanic ash, lava haze, laze “created when molten rock hits the salty ocean water producing steam, floating glass fibers, VOG: sulfuric gasoline, that may by way of commerce winds be carried 3700 miles, even 6000 miles away…that means even in case you are not subsequent door to the explosion you’ll be able to nonetheless be affected

Do your analysis e.g. “volcanic haze”

and powering/controlling wants particular consideration as nicely, they’re extremely susceptable to EMP like occasions (synthetic or pure) each of that are extremely anticipated within the subsequent decade e.g.

The photo voltaic storm of 1859 (often known as the Carrington Occasion) was a strong geomagnetic photo voltaic storm throughout photo voltaic cycle 10 (1855–1867). A photo voltaic coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced one of many largest geomagnetic storms on document, September 1–2, 1859.
Photo voltaic storm of 1859 – Wikipedia

which might kill completely like burning a fuze any photo voltaic panel, motor controllers like construction like timers,

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